Mother May I? Rabbitry

2012 ARBA Convention Wichita, Kansas

 BOSV Himalayan and BOSV Red

2012 Polish Nationals Hillsboro, Texas

As many know I couldn't attend due to illness but my mom stepped in and hauled the buns up and other youth volunteered to put them all on the table, so a big thanks to everyone who helped out! Here are my results:

The National Show under Todd Naragon

Atom T black sr buck  7/20 (5 yrs old at time of show I was going to show his son but he was covered in pee so the old man got to go)

MMI's Jean Black Sr Doe  5/14

MMI's ZZTop Blue Sr Buck  6th

MMI's Tassel Chocolate Sr Doe 8th


Show A under Vic Vogts

Atom T black sr buck  7/19

MMI's Jean Black Sr Doe  6th

MMI's ZZTop Blue Sr Buck  3rd


Show B under Tony Bell


Atom T black sr buck  7/18

MMI's Jean Black Sr Doe  BOSV If anyone has seen my trophy please contact me it disappeared from the top of the carrier at the show

MMI's ZZTop Blue Sr Buck  4th

MMI's Tassel Chocolate Sr Doe 1st

2009 Mini Rex Nationals Results!

BOV White - MMI's Polar  Like the energizer bunny, Polar just won't quit. 4 years old, with great flesh & fur!

BOV Himalayan - MMI's Sassafras. From the magic cross of Simba and Sally. She brings home her 7th GC leg.

BOV Lilac - Dagrabbit's Persephone. Thank you George & Margorie. She is such a beauty.

BOV Red - MMI's Dame. We bred her to MMI's Domnik,who was BOV at 2008 Nationals, before he left for his new home.

BOSV Chocolate - MMI's Chico

BOSV Opal - MMI's Crystal's Meth. This boy has a body.

MMI's Minx - Castor Senior doe placed 3rd of 34. Not bad!

MMI's Flag Football - Broken Senior buck placed 4th of 24.

MMI's Kissable - Red Junior doe was 1st of 2. Pretty baby.

The following variety winner was bred by Ginny Vickers:

MMI's Mellow Yellow BOSV Open Sablepoint - for Janis Fossati & Cathy Thomason.


2008 Convention Results!!!

BOV & BOSV HIMALAYAN BOV was my Jr. Doe Sassafras and BOSV was my Sr. Buck Dexter

BOSV RED!!! was my Sr. buck Joe Dirt

Dame Red Sr. Doe 2nd



  • 1 Best in Show, 1 Best of Breed, 1 Best Opposite of Breed.


  • 6 Best in Show, 2 First Reserve, 14 Best of Breed, 11 Best Opposite of Breed.
  • Duncan, OK Triple. BIS all three shows with MMI's Sassafras, Himi Sr Doe
  • SARBA, BIS MMI's Hello Dolly, BRIS MMI's Sassafras
  • 2008 National Mini Rex Show, Sedalia, Missouri Placings: 
  • Best of Variety Himalayan MMI's Flower
  • Best of Variety Lilac MMI's Purple People Eater,
  • Best of Variety Opal MRS's Laries,
  • Best of Variety Red Treasure's Domnik
  • Best Opposite of Variety Red MMI's Small Town Girl
  • 1st Red Jr Buck MMI's Joe Dirt was BOV at specialty, watch out Domnik!
  • 2nd White Senior Doe Dagrabbit's Rosalee also 3rd White Fur
  • 2nd Blue Senior Doe MRS's Abby
  • 2nd Red Sr Doe MMI's Apple
  • 2nd Red Sr Buck MMI's ASAP
  • 2nd Himi Jr Buck MMI's Dexter
  • 4th White Sr Buck MMI's Polar
  • 4th Red Sr Doe MMI's Dame 
  • 4th Himi Sr Doe MMI's Milano
  • 9th White Sr Buck MMI's Wilbur
  • 11th Brken Sr Buck Treasure's Razzledazzle
  • 13th Castor Sr Buck MMI's Grail


3 Best in Show, 2 First Reserve, 20 Best of Breed, 23 Best Opposite of Breed, Sweepstakes Texas 1st place, NMRRC Sweepstakes 5th Overall, 1st District 4, 6th Quality Points, 1st White, 2nd Red, 3rd Sablepoint, 4th Broken, 5th Himalayan, 6th Blue, 6th Chocolate.


1 Best in Show, 2 First Reserve, 5 Best of Breed, 5 Best Opposite of Breed, Sweepstakes Texas 2nd place, NMRRC Sweepstakes 16th Overall, 24th Quality Points, 3rd Red, 7th Blue, 7th Opal, 10th White. ARBA Nat'l Convention 1st Opal Sr Doe MMI's Luck of the Draw, 1st Red Sr Buck Hangtown's Rascal, 1st Red Jr Doe MMI's Prada, 2nd Chocolate Sr Buck MMI's Double Dark Chocolate, 3rd Blue Sr Doe MMI's Tulip.


NMRRC Sweepstakes 21st Overall, 2nd Red, 7th Opal, 10th Tort. Mini Rex Nationals, Belton Texas, 1st Red Sr Buck MMI's Beazer, 3rd Red Sr Doe MMI's Virginia, 3rd Broken Jr Buck Treasure's Wildfire, 2nd Opal Sr Buck Treasure's July, 8/27 Black Sr Doe MMI's Caviar, 3/22 Black Sr Buck MMI's Chuckles