Mother May I? Rabbitry

My Polish

I received my first polish in 2010 from Janis Fossiti and after IBB's Ajax won BOB at HLSR under Eunita Boatman I decided to continue with the little sprites. I purchased my first two does from Penny Shaver (Genesis Nescafe and Genesis Harle). I continued to slowly build my breeding stock from Janis Fossoti, Penny Shaver, Patti Walthrop, Bradley Campbell and Micheal Franke.

Since I have been raising polish my rabbits have won numerous BOB, BOS and 1st reserves. Also MMI's Jean won BOSV black at the Polish Nationals day after show.

 I used to raise all varieties minus BEW, but due to limited cage space, college coming up etc. I cut down the herd to just blacks and chocolates though I still have a few blues



MMI's Jean (Atom T x RBC Denim) BOB and 2nd Reserve at the TRBA State Sunday Show. Won BOSV the day after Nationals, Also at the memorial day Louisiana show she won BOB and 2nd runner up Friday night. BTW if anyone has seen Jean's trophies both from the Louisiana show and Nationals please contact me, they were removed from her carrier at the shows.


MMI's Skitters (Atom T x Franke's P3)

MMI's Fly (Atom T x RBC Denim)


MMI's ZZTop (IBB's Ajax xGenesis Harle)


MMI's Tassel (Winston's BA1 "Bat" x MMI's Decaf) BOB at TRBA Sate Show. 2 BOB and 1 BOS. placed 1st in the day after Nationals show.

MMI's Tse Tse (Winston's BA1 "Bat x MMI's Decaf) 2 BOB and a BOS