Mother May I? Rabbitry

Welcome to Mother May I? Rabbitry ARBA Rabbitry #XO20

BOSV Himalayan and Red at 2012 ARBA Convention in Wichita, Kansas

Photo by Pat Hanbery

Mother May I? Rabbitry began in 2003,  named for my most frequent question, "Mom, can I have another bunny?"  Hi, my name is Virginia "Ginny" Vickers. I breed and show Mini Rex, Polish, English Spot rabbits. We are located northwest of Houston, Texas. I am a member of ARBA, NMRRC, APRC, TMRRC, HCRBT and Young Guns for Texas. I am Texas Rabbit Breeders Association 1013 Youth Breeder of the Year and am a Director for the Harris County Rabbit Breeders. I am also the former President of Blue Ribbon 4-H Club and a Harris County 4-H Ambassador.

Rabbits available for sale at most times.  4-H & FFA discounts available as well as assistance with your project.

To get in touch with us you may use the contact page or for more immediate assistance:

Ginny's Email: Cell:713-725-8028
Becky's Email: Cell: 713-724-5125
Please leave your name and number with voice-mail or a text message otherwise I have no idea if your a real person or a spam call.

2012 Polish Nationals,  Hillsboro, Texas

As many know I couldn't attend due to illness but my mom stepped in and hauled the buns up and other youth volunteered to put them all on the table, so a big thanks to everyone who helped out! Here are my results:

The National Show under Todd Naragon

Atom T black sr buck  7/20 (5 yrs old at time of show I was going to show his son but he was covered in pee so the old man got to go)

MMI's Jean Black Sr Doe  5/14

MMI's ZZTop Blue Sr Buck  6th

MMI's Tassel Chocolate Sr Doe 8th


Show A under Vic Vogts

Atom T black sr buck  7/19

MMI's Jean Black Sr Doe  6th

MMI's ZZTop Blue Sr Buck  3rd


Show B under Tony Bell


Atom T black sr buck  7/18

MMI's Jean Black Sr Doe  BOSV If anyone has seen my trophy please contact me it disappeared from the top of the carrier at the show

MMI's ZZTop Blue Sr Buck  4th

MMI's Tassel Chocolate Sr Doe 1st

2009 Mini Rex Nationals, Fort Worth, Texas - 4 Best Of Variety,  2 Best Opposite Sex Variety

Mother May I?  Rabbitry came home from Nationals with 4 BOV's and 2 BOSV's, plus we bred the BOSV Open Sablepoint winner, MMI's Mellow Yellow.

My Winners:

MMI's Sassafras - BOV Himalayan

MMI's Polar - BOV White

MMI's Dame - BOV Red

Dagrabbit's Persephone - BOV Lilac, Thank you George & Marjorie Proctor-Smith for this gorgeous doe!!!!

MMI's Chico - BOSV Chocolate

MMI's Crystal's Meth - BOSV Opal

3 BIS's 1 weekend 1 rabbit!

This past fall(Nov. '08) I was too sick to attend the Duncan, OK show but thanks to Janis Fossati and Cathy Thomason I was able to send a carrier of bunnies to be shown. My himalayan doe MMI's Sassafras (BOV '08 ARBA Conv.) was Best in Show three times!! This was my first (and 2nd and 3rd) BIS with a himi mini. Big thanks also to Debbie White & her son Parker, who got my rabbits on and off the table.

Show Stats: Under judge Judge Rusty Westoff, 615 rabbits shown with 94 exhibitors. Under Josh Humphries there were 552 rabbits shown by 73 exhibitors and under judge James Murray there were 535 rabbits shown by 78 exhibitors.

     MMI's Sassafras BIS: 3, BIS: 1, BOB: 4

2008 Convention Results!!! BOV & BOSV Himi & BOSV Red!!

First let me say that I had no DQ's  and I placed 4th in intermediate individual judging. A complete list of my placings is on the winnings page.

BOV & BOSV HIMALAYAN BOV was my Jr. Doe MMI's Sassafras and BOSV was my Sr. Buck MMI's Dexter

BOSV RED!!! was my Sr. Buck MMI's Joe Dirt

overall points: 372           most points for a single rabbit:129          total GC legs: 3





My 2008 Mini Rex Nationals Variety winners and trophies(in same order)  

Left to Right:  MRS's Laries BOV Opal, MMI's Flower BOV Himi, MMI's Purple People Eater BOV Lilac, MMI's Domnik BOV Red, MMI's Small Town Girl BOSV Red

Thank You!!!

None of this would have been possible without the help of others. First I would like to thank Paula Ham, who encouraged me to get my first Mini Rex and try showing. Special thanks to Cathy Thomason of Treasure's Bunny Ranch, who sold me my first Mini Rex and many more fantastic rabbits. She has been my mentor, my teacher and my best friend. I also must thank Janis Fossati of IBB's, Kenny McCracken world's greatest judge, Sandra Neal of Scotcha's, George and Marjorie Procter-Smith of Dagrabbit's  and all of my fellow Texan Mini Rex breeders for their continuing support, guidance, woohoos and love. Oh and special thanks to chief cook, bottle washer and bunny bus driver Mom. You would be amazed at how many bunnies we can fit in a mini van.  Now we need to see how many we can fit in a VW Golf.